Mubanga and Febby – Tie The Knot

Mubanga & Febby




Wedding Ceremony

Church Blessing: 09:00 hours

Venue: Kitwe Central SDA Church, Nkana East ,Twentieth Avenue

Dress Code: Pastel Colors


Reception: 18:00 hours

Venue: Garden Court Hotel Kitwe

Dress Code: Black Elegant Attire

Black Elegant Attire Example


How We Met

We met on Facebook in 2021 . At first he used to text me then delete the message, he first sent me a text in May I never saw it because he texted and deleted it himself.

Second text was on June 23rd, that day I was online, so I saw he had sent a message then he later deleted it without having to read it. Then I noticed he had been doing that.

I then asked him why he kept sending messages to me and deleting them at the same time. I asked if all was well. He then responded saying sorry and later on introduced himself.

His first move was that I work with him for one of his Companies as their Brand Ambassador, then he asked for my number and to have a look at the Facebook Business page.

I was excited, we arranged for me to meet his Management team and start working.  They booked my flight to Lusaka first week of July, so I can go and sign the contract form.

My pick-up from the airport was done, and accommodation was sorted out too. I had to wait a day before I saw him as he traveled to Mfuwe and was scheduled to travel back the next day.

Moving forward, we signed papers I traveled back to Ndola and we started talking just on the phone, then boom he expressed his interests and that’s how it all began.

He then proposed to me on 5th April, 2022 on my birthday at Ciela , Lusaka while I was having my birthday Shoot.

Please RSVP

We love children, but due to space constraints and the desire to ensure that all guests can relax and enjoy themselves, we kindly request that our wedding be an adults-only occasion. We look forward to celebrating this special day with you. Gifts in monetary form of not less than K500 will be appreciated.

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